Rahmyn Kress

Dr. Rahmyn Kress
Managing Director, Telecom, Media and Technology - Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Rahmyn Kress is Accenture’s managing Director for Telecom, Media and Technology across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Across this strategically important G2 market, Kress leads digital growth, transformation, strategy and execution for Fortune 500 companies. As well as serving as the Digital Business Lead for the company’s sector-specific efforts, Kress is also the Client Account Lead and Digital Account Lead for marquee clients. Kress’s focus is to put Accenture on the map in this key region by growing market leadership and mindshare. Kress also has globally responsibility as Accenture’s Industry Lead for Music, as well as being the European, Asia and Latin America (EALA) Lead for Publishing.

Expert for:
Digital Business Models, Content Strategy, Cross-Platform Monetization, Digital Transformation, Consumer Insight

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