Olaf Grüger

Olaf Grüger
GO eCommerce

15+ years experience of B2C webshop/ecommerce in leading positions at Amazon.de, otto.de and SportScheck.de. Now Owner of Go eCommerce and Industry Advisor eCommerce at Grünspar.
Olaf is an ecommerce and digital expert with focus on performance. He joined Amazon.de in 2000 and was in the launch team for Amazon Marketplace in Europe. Later he was responsible for the Music and DVD business at Amazon. At Otto.de he built eCRM. As Head of eCommerce at SportScheck we was responsible for all online marketing channels (SEA, SEO, Retargeting, PSM, Display, eMail etc.) and led the Business Unit at Moscow, Russia.

Expert for:
Digital Sales and Marketing, Interims-Management, eCommerce

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