Klaus Trapl

Klaus Trapl
Aqipa Holding/ Aqipa GmbH
Shareholder Sales Director

Klaus Trapl started as a technical engineer in the early stage of Aqipa in 1992. Advisory service and sales was always close together at Aqipa. From 1994 onwards, he was responsible for the development of the accessories business unit at Aqipa Austria. Today, as a managing director, Klaus Trapl runs the entire Aqipa business in Austria and Switzerland as well as a selective costumer group in Germany. Aqipa itself stands for value added accessories distribution in the world of consumer electronics having brands such as Beats by Dre., Bang & Olafson Play, Case Logic, LG, Logitech, Monster, Runtastic, Thule in its portfolio.

Expert for:
Consumer Electronics Channel Specialist, Distribution & Sales Strategy, Product Placement & POS